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Thoughtful Tuesday: Teaching Kids Honesty

Thomas Jefferson quote on Honesty

Teach kids to be honest early

The best time to start teaching kids ‘honesty’ is early in their lives. This virtue is well learnt when taught by example. “Do as I do” is better in this instance. Books or stories are most effective when teaching younger children. As they grow, start talking about the importance of honesty and what is means to the family.

Thoughtful Tuesday: Volunteering

Volunteers make a difference

National Parent Involvement Day – Volunteering is to make a difference

November 15 is National Parent Involvement Day and volunteering is only a part of involvement. The evidence is overwhelming: Students who have highly-involved families get higher grades, have fewer discipline problems, and are more likely to be successful throughout their entire life (GA Department of Education).

So, make a resolution and start by visiting your child’s school to say hello to the staff and observe the classroom. Then, ask a simple question: What Can I Do To Help?

The school staff will be ecstatic to get an extra set of hands to cater to the students.

Go On, Make A Difference.

Come back and share your experience (even if it was your first time volunteering)….

Thoughtful Tuesday: Schooling and Education

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”
 Mark Twain


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