Hi! Everyone,

I am Tanha Patel and I would like to welcome you to my blog. It was some time back that I transitioned into a SAHM for my daughter who is now in Kindergarten (so proud of her!).

In another life, I had a multi-faceted career including an Engineer, Interior Designer and Project Coordinator. Somewhere between staying home and working part-time, I realized that I wanted to get involved in my child’s education & along the way I wanted to help other parents do so too. I have often been asked for advice by my friends on how to teach children through fun learning, how to keep up with current events in the area, or even classes or local programs for children etc. So, I thought why not put the information out there and let it benefit every parent. My goal is to create a one-stop information hub for parents about everything education- and school-related in USA!

I strongly believe that parental involvement on any level is important for child’s success. Knowing that parents are busier than ever in their work and home life. Hence, providing a place for them to get their questions answered and motivating them to get involved in of utmost importance. Educators alone cannot do anything. They can “teach” but we as parents need to be the “trainers.” And we can be better trainers, if we are well-informed and have resources/tools to do that.

Everyone in the digital world is talking about back to school shopping, deals, healthy lunch ideas etc. but does your job really end when they step into school? I feel that a whole new chapter in my life has just begun.

In my journey to decipher the school and education system, I discovered that though there were plenty on books and websites talking about curriculum (from a teacher’s perspective), weighing pros and cons of homeschooling, and talking about education as a whole, there was no one comprehensive resource for parents answering their everyday questions like what is a charter school, how do I get involved in school as a working mom, what does EOGs mean, or even do these games have an academic value? From this came the idea of AnInvolvedParent.com, where I wish to share my journey of decoding the school and education system in the USA. I welcome you to accompany me in my quest to find answers as a parent.

My goal in writing this blog is to share my insights, my research and my struggles as a parent trying to help our children succeed. I also wanted to share the resources I find along the way like online websites, educational toys/games, and other related items that will help you in creating a wonderful experience for your child. And, hoping that parents like me can get something out of this and be able to get their child the best education possible without being overwhelmed or confused by the process.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter @aninvolvedparen and Pinterest @tanhapatel.

I would love to know how the blog’s information and resources have helped you. And if you have any questions, please write to me at tanhap[at]gmail.com, so that I can find the answers for you and in turn help other parents that might be struggling with the same issues. In addition, if you have tips to share about how you have made progress in giving your child a successful school experience, please let me know.


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