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Thoughtful Tuesday: Teaching Kids Honesty

Thomas Jefferson quote on Honesty

Teach kids to be honest early

The best time to start teaching kids ‘honesty’ is early in their lives. This virtue is well learnt when taught by example. “Do as I do” is better in this instance. Books or stories are most effective when teaching younger children. As they grow, start talking about the importance of honesty and what is means to the family.


Wordless Wednesday: Do you prefer Cavities or Cash?

Earn rewards in exchange for Halloween Candy

Donate your Halloween Candy and help the Troops Overseas

Would you rather see your children with cavities or earn some cash? It’s Halloween which means influx of candies. And there is more than one reason not to indulge in candy. You will avoid cavities and you may also earn cash, coupons or other rewards for it.

The Halloween Candy Buy Back 2012 is a GO!

What is Halloween Candy Buy Back Program?

Dr. Chris Kammer, launched this creative solution to keep children healthy. Watch this ABC News story to find out more: ABC News Person of the Week.

How do you participate?

All you need to do is have your children collect the candy from trick-o-treating and instead of eating it, bring it to a doctor’s office near by and exchange it for a treat (not a sweet one, though). Dentists will be giving treats in various forms:

  • Cash, say, $1 for every pound of candy;
  • Coupons to local restaurants, or services;
  • Toothbrushes/toothpastes; or
  • Other special treats.

Does this program help the community?

Some dentists are also giving back to the community with this program. In exchange of every pound of candy you bring in to them, they will donate a certain amount of money to local schools or charities.

What is Operation Gratitude?

The candy donated through this program will become a part of care packs sent to troops overseas through Operation Gratitude.

What better way to show your children the importance of healthy living as well as helping others!

How are you avoiding candy this year? Any creative solutions, please share below.

Thoughtful Tuesday: Is Compassion an Important Trait in Children?

Compassion and love are not a luxury.

As the source both of inner and external peace, they are fundamental to the survival of our species.

~ Dalai Lama

Instilling compassion in a child is just as important as developing muscle strength or brain power. 

It enables them to connect to other humans, care, understand, and bring comfort to those around them. Research shows that compassion plays a key role in helping children develop their social and civic identities as well as grow up into engaged and optimistic adults.

But it all starts at HOME!