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Thoughtful Tuesday: Teaching Kids Honesty

Thomas Jefferson quote on Honesty

Teach kids to be honest early

The best time to start teaching kids ‘honesty’ is early in their lives. This virtue is well learnt when taught by example. “Do as I do” is better in this instance. Books or stories are most effective when teaching younger children. As they grow, start talking about the importance of honesty and what is means to the family.

Parent Involvement Tip #3: Creative? Help with Crafts

If you have the creative bug, then you can surely help the teachers plan fun activities for special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Holidays etc. You can either organize the whole activity and take initiative of recruiting other parents to help or you can just sign up to help the teacher with the activity when she does it.

Parent Involvement Tip #2: Be a Classroom Reader

Volunteer in classroom

Read to the children

Children love to be read to, so offer your help as a class reader or provide support to individual children that are struggling to read.

Use these tips to make reading fun for you and the students:

  • Try to read the book yourself before you go into the class.
  • Take it slow. Don’t try to rush it. Enjoy it so that they may enjoy it too!
  • Change your voice or tone while reading dialogues by the different characters in the story.
  • Use props, if appropriate and available. This is a very good trick to keep those young kids attentive.
  • After you read the story, ask open-ended questions so as to instill comprehension skills in the children.

Speak with the teacher about what topics are being currently covered in the classroom and select a book accordingly. This will help tie it into what the children are already learning. Most of the teachers will let you select the book, so enjoy this freedom and choose wisely.