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Parent Involvement Tip #3: Creative? Help with Crafts

If you have the creative bug, then you can surely help the teachers plan fun activities for special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Holidays etc. You can either organize the whole activity and take initiative of recruiting other parents to help or you can just sign up to help the teacher with the activity when she does it.

Thoughtful Tuesday: Volunteering

Volunteers make a difference

National Parent Involvement Day – Volunteering is to make a difference

November 15 is National Parent Involvement Day and volunteering is only a part of involvement. The evidence is overwhelming: Students who have highly-involved families get higher grades, have fewer discipline problems, and are more likely to be successful throughout their entire life (GA Department of Education).

So, make a resolution and start by visiting your child’s school to say hello to the staff and observe the classroom. Then, ask a simple question: What Can I Do To Help?

The school staff will be ecstatic to get an extra set of hands to cater to the students.

Go On, Make A Difference.

Come back and share your experience (even if it was your first time volunteering)….

Is Washing Clothes Part of Being Involved at School?

Volunteering in Classroom

Wash clothes and volunteer!

You bet it is!

Volunteering at your child’s school or in her classroom does not have to be all-consuming. It can be as simple as helping your class teacher wash classroom t-shirts after field trips. You can do it at your own time and pace (unless there are consecutive field trips planned). This is surely help you connect with your child’s teacher on a different level.

Last week when I went in to help Princess’ classroom with sight words, I saw a basket full of t-shirts and asked the teacher if she needed them cleaned. She was more than appreciative of this act.

My Tip: Just keep your eyes and ears open and volunteering opportunities will arise. Sometimes from the most mundane of things.