Definition: Parental Involvement

A conversation on Twitter compelled me to browse the dictionary for a definition. A definition for “parental involvement.” A few definitions caught my attention, here is the search result:

  • Parental consent laws (also known as parental involvement or parental notification laws) in some countries require that one or more parents consent to or be notified before their minor child can legally engage in certain activities.
  • Holds parents responsible for making sure the child attends school, completes prescribed homework, and learns whatever else schools will decide once the system is implemented. (Will schools tell parents what and how they must teach at home?
  • Includes terminology involving parental notification (i.e. information only) and parental consent (permission given by parent).

Isn’t it amazing to see different people interpreting the same words differently. The ‘involvement’ triangle consists of three cornerstones: 

  1. Parent
  2. Child/Student
  3. Teachers/Educators

Though educators do their part in helping kids succeed, as parents, we are ultimately responsible for our child’s success. It is not the teachers, neighbors, community or the nation.


Parental involvement doesn’t just mean donating money to the school to buy supplies (though it could be a part of it). It means parents understanding the role they play in their child’s life – as their first tutor and to some degrees, their last tutor too! Then, getting their hands wet by actually ‘doing’ what is necessary to make their children successful, whether it is volunteering in schools by going on field trips or washing class t-shirts, being an active member of the parent teacher organization, reading to them daily, being an active listener, or keeping communication lines open between yourself and the school.

It depends on how you want to define it and how much are you willing to ACT ON IT.

How do you ‘get involved’ with your children? Help us by sharing your stories and tips.


2 responses

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