Pinterest Roundup: Veteran’s Day Craft Ideas

Give a message of thanks to our veterans

Image Source: Nicole Bartley @ Pinterest

A message of thanks in a cute and heart-felt manner! Create this fun flag message with your kids and mail or hand deliver to a veteran you know.

Veterans Day Craft

Image Source: angelinaxox @ Pinterest

A simple craft activity you can do with your child while talking about Veteran’s Day and it’s importance. There are printables available too.

Celebrate American with is Wind Sock

Image Source: Jessica Garringer @ Pinterest

Show your patriotism by building this Wind Sock (Step-by-step directions available).

Learn about Veterans Day through craft

Image Source: Amy Snodgrass @ Pinterest

Teach your children words associated with Veteran’s Day and their meaning. Read a story to accompany this craft and you will have added to the fun!

If you PIN, please share your links related to Veteran’s Day in the comments below.


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