How do you Educate your Children at Renaissance Festivals

First weekend of October is here and it’s officially fall. That means, changing colors and fall festivals! Among the colorful festivals, there is the Renaissance Festival which is a 16th century European style art and entertainment festival. They usually combine circus, outdoor theater, jousting tournament, royal feast, with an arts and crafts marketplace. This is a perfect opportunity to not only enjoy with your family but also have some historical and educational learning opportunities. Depending on the festival’s program you might be able to:

  • get a glimpse of 16th century costumes.
  • watch the blacksmith forge items of iron.
  • discover how children began their journey to become knights.
  • jousting tournaments with knights in armor performing on horseback
  • try a bit of weaving on the weaver’s loom.
  • ride a horse
  • see the art of falconry, a sport for kings.
  • cook on an open fire.
  • hear stories from life years ago.
  • camping grounds for tent camping and RV enthusiasts.
  • teach your kids renaissance words such as “Milord” and “Milady” (Mr. and Mrs.) and “Huzzah” (hurrah!).

Your girl scouts may also be able to get fun patch with the Passport to History program!

Tips for success:

  • review the program and prioritize before you go;
  • check out the layout of the festival if available online;
  • most of all, HAVE FUN!

Many cities, some listed below are hosting Renaissance Fair or Festival.

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Carolinas Renaissance Festival

Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Texas Renaissance Festival

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

The tickets usually are $20 for adults and $10 for children ages 5 – 12. Children under 5 are usually free. Make sure to check your festival website. There are discounted tickets available too with deals like Buy One, Get One or $5 off etc. You might also be eligible for group, senior and/or military discounts.

Get a glimpse inside the North Carolina Festival:

Please feel to share your videos/pictures and feedback in the comments below.


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