Parent Involvement Tip Series

Parent Involvement Tip

Tip-A-Day Challenge on Parent Involvement in School and Home
Image Source: Tanha Patel

On this National Parent Involvement Day, I thought of undertaking a mission. I will be writing a tip-a-day about parent involvement. The aim is to help you stop wondering what to do and instead, just do it. It’s time for action.

I shared my very first tip on parent involvement a couple of days back. Though a small step to begin with, it can prove to be a huge leap in your involvement to make your child successful. From personal experience, my involvement with the PTA makes me feel happy and proud. Every time some in the school halls recognizes me and talks with me, my smile becomes broader and my mood becomes better!

The ultimate reward is seeing my daughter’s face light up when she sees me helping out in her school. That is all that matters.

There are roughly 150 days between Parent Involvement Day and Parent School Volunteer Week in April. So, the challenge is to share 150 tips to help you help your child succeed. My hope is that you will join me in this quest and share your experiences and tips.

Tip #2 is on it’s way.


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