Wordless Wednesday: Are you being transparent with your kids?

Transparency in terms of humanity means “openness.” As a parent, the question is whether or not we choose to be open with our children? Pressures are high and wanting to portray a faultless life is a daunting task. The more we try to show something that isn’t, the more stressed and unhappy we get. What’s the solution? I would say Keep It Simple.

Be open with your children and let them experience real life. Showcasing the impossible puts unnecessary pressure on a child to perform and never make a mistake. Be the ‘real’ you and your child will feel accepted and loved.  Talk about your experiences from the past. Show them that it is OK to make mistakes. The more important point is what you learn from them and how you apply them to your future.

This way of parenting will not only open the door of communication (as parents of teens many of us know how it feels), it can also foster stronger, and deeper parent-child relationship.

Transparency is the Key!


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