Pinterest Roundup: DIY Halloween Kids Craft

I have to admit it, I am falling in love with Pinterest. It is a visual soundboard like no other. So, I have decided to do something fun and start Pinterest Roundups. Since, I write about children, parents and education, my pins will usually be related to that subject and not fashion or politics. Sorry! But, hope you enjoy what I find for you.

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you are stuck at the idea of decorating your house then look no further. Check out these ideas I gathered from Pinterest.

Source: via chantalvdvelden on Pinterest

Pretty neat! Snap one or two green eight-hour light sticks so they glow, and insert them into a white balloon. Inflate the balloon and tie it closed. Use a black marker to draw a wide-eyed visage. Repeat to make more, then affix ghosts to a wall with transparent tape and lower the lights.

Source: via chantalvdvelden on Pinterest

Super easy Tin Can Cat. All you need is tin can, paint, felt, and glue. Follow these simple instructions:

Source: via chantalvdvelden on Pinterest

The No-Sew Pumpkin is a quick 20-minute craft with orange fabric, beans, and some scraps. Easy for the kids to do and fun for the entire family.

Source: via and Chiara Aldridge on Pinterest

Cute! Cute! Cute! These Frankenstein luminary jars will shine a glowing green path to your front door on Halloween night. Totally create a glowly night with glass canning jars, acrylic paint, and some clear gloss sealer spray. Appropriate for your young children.

Source: via Tanha Patel on Pinterest

This Spider Web Mobile is easy to create with balloons, some yarn and some white glue. You kids will surely enjoy getting their hands dirty for this one. My two cents on this is that you could choose neon colored yarns like orange and green to make it even more spooky. Plus, maybe even hang it on your porch!



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