Are You Enjoying The Magic of the Moment?

Capture the Moment

More than half the time, Princess (my daughter’s blog name) doesn’t fail to surprise me with her curiosity, her ability to grasp complex ideas, and create utter MAGIC! As a parent, we all know that every moment with our children is like magic. Anything can happens in a moment’s notice.

With the ever increasing hustle and bustle in our lives, we sometimes forget to capture and truly enjoy the moment. And, every time Princess makes up a song and sings it to me or strokes my hair when I am down (yes it’s wonderful how she feels my pain and wants to help me), or gazes into my eyes and smiles, it reminds me of the subtle moments in life.

My goal today is to CAPTURE THE MOMENT and enjoy it!

Along those lines, we were up in the mountains this past weekend with our friends and with the skills of my wonderful husband we were able to capture some great views of the mountains. I am sharing one with you above. Isn’t it just so serene and wonderful? How can we not notice it? While we enjoy the moments with our children, it is also necessary to sometimes take a parenting pause and look beyond into the world and see what you might have been missing. This picture makes me feel as if something MAJESTIC is truly at work!

When you start doing this, you automatically inspire your children to take a break, enjoy family, and enjoy themselves too!

What’s your Magic of the Moment experience? Share your pictures/words below.


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