Are you participating in National Costume Swap Day?

Though National Costume Swap Day is October 13th, the 3rd annual costume swap is already rolling strong. Wondering what is a costume swap and how to participate? It’s a very creative idea to enjoy new costumes without a hefty price tag. I think it’s a great way to teach children the value of money as well as how to help the environment. Every year parents spend big bucks on costumes that are worn maybe, once. I do have to give credit to lots of parents that are enthusiastic and creative enough to design their own costumes. Hats off to them! But not everyone has the time and skills to do so. This swap idea helps those parents to be creative and enjoy within budget.

DID YOU KNOW? Swapping only half the costumes that kids wear for Halloween would reduce annual landfill waste by 6,250 tons which is equivalent to 2,500 midsize cars!

What is a Costume Swap?
A Costume Swap is an event where people get together and trade their Halloween costumes. It can either be as small as a neighborhood drive or as huge as a city-wide initiative.

How does a Costume Swap work?
Adults donate children’s costumes during the donation period as listed in your local event description. The costumes need to be a complete set, clean and gently worn. You get a ticket when you donate a costume. Then at a later date/time you can go back with your ticket to get a ‘new’ costume. As simple as that.

Where can I swap my costumes?
There are plenty of events happening around the USA. From Arizona to Wisconsin, you can find a time and place to donate your worn costumes and claim your ‘new’ ones!

Please make sure you read the policies of your local event carefully, to avoid confusion and frustration.

For more information, you can always go to National Costume Swap Day website or facebook page.

Don’t forget to come back and check out my findings from around the web on great tutorials and tips to create your own costumes.


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